Israel Ariño, Leslie Moquin & Christian Sanna

The Residence 1+2 was born of a simple observation – Toulouse exists to a greater or lesser extent in the eyes of renowned French and foreign photographers – and of a desire to create favourable conditions for a production that is “made in Toulouse” but open to the world, fully associating artistic creation and the sharing of knowledge. We consider photography to be both a major art form and a social practice in its own right. 

Halfway between a residence and a masterclass, the Résidence 1+2 aims to enhance the value of all the tangible and intangible heritage existing in Toulouse, in the Haute-Garonne department and in the Occitanie: diasporas, memories, collection, cultures, mobility, music, architecture, etc. 

Documenting the territory of Toulouse and the region, its tangible and intangible heritage, yes, but above all letting it live and let itself be seen by others. The 1+2 Residence is a photographic programme based in Toulouse and with a European vocation, during which three photographers confront their authorial views. Each year, it brings together three photographers (one renowned photographer and two young photographers), three cities (Toulouse, Barcelona, Brussels) and three media (exhibition, books, film). 

For this second edition, we have chosen Israel Ariño (Spain), Leslie Moquin (France) and Christian Sanna (Italy/Madagascar). Coming from different generations and backgrounds, their photographic expressions question the themes of water, wind and air… in a subjective and assumed authorial vision. These three views, combined for the first time, have entered into resonance for two months, giving rise to protean and transversal productions. We wish to show the international audience the richness and diversity of these revisited heritages. We are asserting our cross-disciplinary character with claimed gateways to design, auteur cinema, scientific research, contemporary music, etc., all of which are present in a rich and diverse programme at the Paul-Dupuy Museum in Toulouse (13 October-19 November). 

Philippe Guionie 

Director of the Résidence 1+2 



13 OCT > 19 NOV 2017

Musée Paul Dupuy


14 OCT 2017

Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse


Les Jours : Cahiers Photographiques

CINÉASTE : Clémentine Carrié


Éditions Filigranes

Collection Toulouse



A doctor, writer and diplomat, Jean-Christophe Rufin was elected to the Académie française in 2008. A pioneer of the humanitarian movement Médecins Sans Frontières since the 1970s, he has carried out numerous missions in Balkan Europe, East Africa and Latin America within several NGOs where he has held important positions (Action Contre la Faim, la Croix-Rouge française, Première Urgence). 

Graduated of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, he became cultural attaché in the Brazilian Nordeste in the 1990s and then French ambassador to Senegal and Gambia from 2007 to 2010. At the same time, he has been pursing a brilliant literary career for the past 20 years, his adventure, historical and political novels drawing on his humanitarian and diplomatic experiences: L’Abyssin (Goncourt Prize for the first novel in 1997), Les Causes perdues (Interallié Prize in 1999), Rouge Brésil (Goncourt Prize in 2001)… . His latest work, Le Tour du monde du roi Zibeline (The World Tour of King Zibeline), tells the incredible story of a Polish-Hungarian who became king of Madagascar.