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It is true that, at first sight, everything opposes photography and science: they have neither the same object, nor the same methods and aims. While the former invokes the sensitive and the imaginary, the latter is based on reason and reality. And yet, on closer inspection, they both question the world by making the invisible visible, pushing back the frontiers of knowledge, giving us a different way of seeing.

Created at the end of 2015, the 1+2 Residence aims to bring together people who, at first sight, had no chance to talk to each other. Halfway between creation and knowledge sharing, it associates photography with science, produces, develops and promotes an author’s photography in close connection with an exceptional scientific heritage present in Toulouse, the Haute-Garonne department and the Occitanie region. 

The photographers in residence are fully part of this multidisciplinary dynamic exploring new creative spaces. Supported in their research by institutions and scientists from the metropolitan, departmental and regional areas, they offer us their subjectivity on multiple and renewed sensitive surfaces – photographs, diversions of images, fictions, drawings, writings, installations – in an assumed rereading of reality. In this way, the 1+2 Residence aims to create, in a collaborative and participative spirit, the appropriate conditions for the production of meaningful content.

In Toulouse, artists and scientists share thoughts and resources, and create new knowledge in a sort of factory of possibilities. At a time when the boundaries between all disciplines are crumbling, bringing artists and scientists together in the same project means inviting them to join forces, to encourage new cross-disciplinary approaches, to renew creative forms in order to help us, together, to better understand and act in the face of the challenges of the contemporary world. It is also to challenge each citizen and to build with them new reflections for new practices.
Philippe GUIONIE

Director of Résidence 1+2

Do you wish to support the Résidence 1+2 ?

It does not matter if you are a private individiual or a company, you are able to help our residency program. 

Sponsorship, material assistance, human resources, your help would be a significant help !

Supporting our residency program is also being invited to Résidence 1+2’s events : opening week, colloqium and exhibitions !

Go ahead and open the dialogue by writing to us at : philippeguionie@orange.fr

Revue de presse 2022

Revue de presse 2022
Revue de presse 2022
Revue de presse 2022
Revue de presse 2022



Identifying and considering our environmental impact of all our activities. 

2 )Involving all our employees in global reflection and action for the environment and sustainable development. 

– Reducing carbon dioxide emissions (save water and energy, reduce and sort waste) 

– Implementing eco-responsible communication (limited and targeted paper support, dematerialisation of communication as much as possible) 

– Reducing our consumption by reusing our office supplies and saving on consumables 

– Promoting teleworking and video conferencing 

– Reducing polluting transport by choosing public transport (Tisséo partnership in Toulouse, press tips by train) and carpooling. 

– Grouping our events together to limit travel during our inaugural week 

– Choosing short supply circuits during our events 


Collaborating with labelled actors committed to the defence of the environment (Imprim’Vert label; PEFC and FSC label; Ecogîte label) 

– Escourbiac printing company (annual set) 

– Delort printing (communication supports) 

– Hahnemühle company (photo exhibition papers) 

– Fedrigoni company (annual set papers) 

– Laboratoire Photon (exhibitions prints) 

– Chaumarty Ecogîte 1+2 (hosting photographers in residence) 


– Developing transversal synergies to promote territorial vitality and diversity and active solidarities 

– Building new models of relationships and value creation with other cultural actors in the territories 

– Mobilising the complementary skills and savoir-faire of cultural structures in order to pool resources 


– Promoting the place of women in our programmers, making easier their hosting in residence 

– Struggling against stereotypes and sexism, building together an inclusive society 

– Making easier the representation of diversity in our programmes, strengthen international exchanges 

– Developing image education in schools and universities 

– Transmitting our experience and savoir-faire to young people in the process of becoming professionals 

– Diversifying the audiences for our events 

– Supporting the winning photographers of our programmes throughout their residence