Italian-Malagasy photographer, winner of the Grand Prix Photography of the ETPA school in Toulouse, Christian Sanna has recently exhibited two series “Fady Kambana” and “Moraingy” at the ManisfestO festival. Christian Sanna, who is a keen photographer on a committed style combining portraits and landscape, and lives and works in Toulouse, will carry out his first residency. Christian Sanna has created a travel diary combining reality and fiction on the traces of l’Aéropostale from the first Latécoère flight on 25 December 1918 between Toulouse and Barcelona. 

Carnet de Vol sets a eye on the material and immaterial heritage of postal aviation in Toulouse. With the help of archives, registers, maps, testimonies, but also literary works, Christian Sanna gets a personal and subjective itinerary. The result is an unpublished logbook on the tracks of Toulouse’s postal aviation, from Toulouse to the Spanish border, marked by the “phares de l’Aéropostale”. A body of work that confronts the real and the imaginary of this historical heritage emerges from this series.