Photography & Sciences

Saturday 14th octobre
Musée d’art moderne et contemporain – Les Abattoirs

76, allée Charles de Fitte – Toulouse


8:30 > 10:20 am

Welcome & Screening

8:30 am

Introduction by Philippe Guionie, director of the Residence 1+2. 

TRAVERSE(E)S: the common thread of the Residence 1+2, 2017 and of this annual conference. 

9:00> 10:00 am

Screening of the film of the Residence 1+2 2017. 

“Les Jours, cahiers photographiques”, a 26-minute documentary film 

Screening followed by a discussion moderated by Frank Lubet, head of programing at the Cinémathèque de Toulouse, partner of the Résidence 1+2, in the presence of Clémentine Carrié (filmmaker), Augustin Charnet (author of the film’s music) and the three winning photographers (Isreal Arino, Leslie Moquin & Christian Sanna). 


10:20 >10:45 am


Water through, the eyes of the photographers of the VU’ agency, a “carte blanche” given toPatricia Morvan, director of Cultural Projects and Exhibitions, o=followed by a discussion moderated by Dominique Roux. 

10:45 >12:00 pm


Moderation : Jean-François Haït, scientific journalist. 

Speakers :

  • Isreal Arino : winning photographer of the Résidence 1+2, #2017.
  • Frédérique Gaillard: head of the Toulouse Museum’s photo library and of the “Eugène Trutat photographic collection Collection Eugène Trutat”.
  • Gilbert Bizien: director of the Toulouse Pyrenees regional centre, Veolia Water.
  • Xavier Corrihons: head of the Infrastructure and Operations District at VNF (Voies Navigables de France). 

12:00 >12:30 pm

Signing session of the Residence 1+2, #2017 bow set by the photographers Israel Arino, Leslie Moquin and Christian Sanna as well as the Gibraltar magazine by the cartoonist Yohan Colombié-Vivès. 


2:00 >3:30 pm

Screening of selection of INA television archives, presented by Yves Gaillard (head of documentary INA Pyrennes delegation, Toulouse). Partnership 1+2/ INA Pyrénées. 

Projection of Philippe-Gérard Dupuy’s photographs on the autan wind in partnership with the ManifestO festival. 

moderated by Jean-François Haït, scientific journalist and Dominque Roux, historian of photography, historian of photography, critic and teacher at the EPTA. 


  • Philippe-Gérard Dupuy, photographer. 
  • Leslie Moquin, winning photographer of the Residence 1+2, #2017.
  • François Gourand, forescasting engineer at météo France.
  • Henri-Claude Boisson, retired research director at the Insitut des mécaniques des Fluides de Toulouse 
3:30>5:00 pm


3:30 >5:00 pm

« Tracks and men” 

Screening of a selection of INA’s television archives, presented by Yves Gaillard (head of documentaries, INA Pyrenees delegation, Toulouse). Partnership 1+2/INA Pyrenees. 

Round-table moderated by Jean-françois Haït, scientific journalist. 

Speakers :

  • Christian Sanna, winning photographer of the Residence 1+2, #2017.
  • Yohan Colombié-Vivès, cartoonist, winner of the Résidence 1+2, #2017.
  • Sébastien Poncin, president of the BREGUET XIV Association.
  • Johanne Banchet, in charge of documentary and iconographic resources Piste des Géants – Aéro, Toulouse metropole Scientific, technical and Industrial Culture Department.
  • André Brismontier, formor Air Navigation Engineer at the Civil Aviation Authority. 


5:00 >5:20 pm

Projection of photographs from the new programe “Résidence 1+2 – Hors les murs”, set up in Castelnau d’Estrétefonds (Haute-Garonne) in partnership with the association “Le Capech a la Cote”, a residence proposed to the photographer Adrien-Cathalinat on the theme “Traversées”. 

Presentation by Philippe Guionie, director of the Résidence 1+2. 

Moderation by Dominique Roux, Historian of photography, critic and teacher at ETPA. 

Speakers :

  • Nadine Abad, deputy for associations and city life.
  • Lydie Deschamp, deputy for culture and communication 


5:20 >6:30 pm

Announcement of the three 2018 winner with Philippe Guionie, director of the Résidence 1+2 and screening of a selection of their respective works. 

Closing of the colloquium by Philippe Guionie , director of the Résidence 1+2.