Jean Larive is a french photographer, born in 1969. Graduated from La Sorbonne, he first teached philosophy in high-schools before turning to photography in 2010. His approach to reality feeds from cultural and literary references and his photography practice likes to engage in action as much as questioning our representations.

He favors long subjects in a documentary process – welcoming foreigners in french society, education access, the singular and multiple memories from 20th Century conflicts or spaces and territory poetics. 

His interest for public action leads him to collaborate to several photographics “missions”, for UNESCO (Journey to school, 2013), CNAP (Reinvent Calais, 2016) or, this year, within the BNF large command. Member of the Myop Agency from 2016, he has developed an ambitious editorial practice (Myopzines collection, collective works). Attached to think and transmit photography and its uses, he’s in charge of formations at EMI-CFD, courses in Every-Val d’Essonne University and animates regular workshops.

In partnership with the geographer Anaïs Marshall, he is producing the series “D’entre deux eaux” in partnership with the LISST laboratory and the CNRS Occitanie Ouest.

They are working together in the Minervois region on the human and landscape impacts of floods in a context of climate change.