Lucía Peluffo

Filigranes Editions

AUTOR: Lucía Peluffo
TEXTS: Fabien Ribéry

Dimensions : 6. 6 x 9.8 inches
Languages: French/English
Price: 25,00 €
Print run: 500 copies
ISBN: 978-2-35046-520-3

If in medical imaging we try to find the origin of the pain we are trying to diagnose, Lucia, on the other hand, tries to interrogate images that explore the causes, the psychic wounds, the anomalies in order to begin a possible healing. In the medical laboratories, the way of representing the body tends towards the construction of the concept of objectivity. In the framework of the R sidence 1+2, and with the help of scientific laboratories, Lucia will try to develop another form of representation, the one of a medical dialogue close to an artistic language. By putting the physical body (her own) in dialogue with the idea of the “photographic body” and by creating a map of a territory of pain, linking cause and effect, the Argentinean photographer will question the protagonists on the observation and interpretation of an image, focusing on the reaction to anomalies.

“What Humans deepest have, is their skin”, wrote Paul Val ry in a phrase as much definitive as paradoxical. Because the skin is not a fronter, a kind of neutral interface between spaces outside and those inside, but because it is a fundamental language, expression, writing. The soul is often sought in some ethereal region of the being, but it might just be there, close to us, against us, inside us, in the skin we pinch to make sure we are not dreaming, in the cells of our bodies.