SET 2020

 Filigranes Editions 

AUTOR.S : Emeric Lhuisset, Coline Jourdan, Lucia Peluffo 

TEXTS : Fabien Ribery 

Dimensions: 6.6 x 9.8 inches Languages: French/Anglais
Price: 25,00 €
Print Run: 500 exemplaires
ISBN: 978-2-35046-520-3

#13 «Le bruit du silence» (Émeric Lhuisset)
#14 «Soulever la poussière» (Coline Jourdan)
#15 «Une tentative d’équilibre» (Lucía Peluffo)
Extraits des textes de Fabien Ribery

 Extracts from the Fabien Ribery’s texts 

“Time is out joint” wrote William Shakespeare in Hamlet. Time is out of tune, disrupted, disjointed, disoriented. More than ever, the future is uncertain, between an ecosystemic disaster diagnosed as a new disappearance of species on a planet Earth, made worn out by the ravages of extractivism and mass consumerism (Anthropocene), and the invention of a new collective way of thinking, commensurate with a collapse perceived by each other."

Émeric Lhuisset

"We can walk for a long time in the landscape, be delighted about a waterway, picnic in the clearing of a forest, without realizing the place, like many others from now on, has become unlivable, that it is affected by a curse. They are places of invisible health scandals, rotten fruits of the industrial exploitation of the land and result of the human action who do not think about consequences. By squeezing it out every last drop, by extracting all its matter, by profaning it without any awareness of its fundamental unity, we impose on it a distress that is soon transmitted to the carefree walkers within the perimeter of its dismemberment."

Coline Jourdan

“What Humans deepest have, is their skin”, wrote Paul Valéry in a phrase as much definitive as paradoxical. Because the skin is not a fronter, a kind of neutral interface between spaces outside and those inside, but because it is a fundamental language, expression, writing. The soul is often sought in some ethereal region of the being, but it might just be there, close to us, against us, inside us, in the skin we pinch to make sure we are not dreaming, in the cells of our bodie."

Lucía Peluffo