Her search for identity has lead Prune Phi to create a dialogue between the testimonies of the third generation of Franco-Vietnamese living in Toulouse and the knowledge on scientists on how the memory is conveyed, forgotten and even denied. Her though process is based on the reappropriation of histories of families to try to reveal the memory traces left by the ancestors who contributed to the invention of the Self. 

After studies in Fine Arts and a master of Artistic Creation, Theory and Mediation, Prune Phi completed a one-year residency at the Birmingham Institute of Arts and Design in the United Kingdom and then entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles from which she graduated in 2018. Prune Phi completed an installation work made with photographs, drawings, collages, collected documents, texts, and videos. She staged and questioned the mechanisms of transmission within families and communities. 

Thus, she interested in the physical traits that persist or, on the contrary, are diluted from one generation to the next one, in the modifications of body and its anomalies. In other sets, she collects and cross-references of several immigrated and exiled Vietnamese generations on the unreliable memory of their common memory and the fictional dimension attached to it. She tried to reveal, by different works, the amnesiac traces that participated in building and invention of each one.