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Born in 1989, Marianne Thazet graduated from ETPA in Toulouse in 2019. Founding member of the Trigone collective, she participated in the creation of a territory residence and a photographic gallery dedicated to Carla-Bayle in Ariège. At the same time, she carries out several commissions, exhibitions and photographic residencies, always seeking to highlight the non-event and offbeat characters.


In 2022, Marianne Thazet participates in the geographical commission D’OC, a project initiated by Images Singulières, associating six young photographers, each crisscrossing a territory of the Occitanie region. An exhibition at the Documentary Photographic Center in Sète and a book published by Lamaindonne reproduce this regional order. Marianne is also a photographer associated with the association Other directions, for the establishment of several residences of artistic creations in Ariège on the theme “Tomber au monde”.


A follower of documentary photography centered on the intimate, Marianne questions our attention to our immediate environment with a sensitive and offbeat gaze. She tells the real, by suggesting, by photographing the insignificant, by sublimating the details. She composes images at several levels of reading, produces deep series which are as many open questions on the contemporary world.


The Garonne-Ariège confluence is a place of turmoil where two titanic elements intersect, intertwine and struggle, which ultimately merge into each other and resume their gentle flows. Certain allegory of the cohabitation between nature and Man which takes shape on these places.

The confluence nature reserve is remarkable both for its biodiversity and its peri-urban proximity. A rare and fragile situation which exacerbates the ambivalence, this “collaboration” between nature and Man who on the one hand destroys it and on the other protects it.

The more I travel through this territory, the more I see the inextricable intertwining of these two elements that I was trying to unravel: the Man behind the destruction, and the Man who takes care to repair, treat and educate. Everything here is a sensitive balance between what dies and what is reborn. I walk through these places noticing the impacts that are inflicted on them and the precautions that Man tries to compensate for, I observe this love-hate story that tries to have a happy ending

                                                                                                      Marianne Thazet