Manon Lanjouère was born in 1993. After studying Art History at Sorbonne university, she entered Gobelins’ School from which she graduated top of her class, in 2017. At the same time, as she was working in a Parisian theatre, her practice of photography was influenced by staging and décor. The artist endeavors to depict fictive worlds. The distance with the narrative, implied by the use of reinterpreted scientific expressions, enables the viewer to seize the stories she stages. Scientific and photographic aspects are the driving forces of her research. On the different subjects she covers, the attempt to understand the interaction between landscape and human remains central. 

Her work Bleu Glacé, created in 2016, was displayed in several unmissable festivals. She was finalist of the Bourse du talent #71 prize, QPN prize, and Emerging Photographer Grunt prize of Burn Magazine (USA). Her work Demande à la poussière made in 2017, got the Fidal Youth prize and was exhibited at Paris Photo in 2018. She lives and works in Paris.