« ICI & D’AILLEURS » par Fatoumata Tioye Coulibaly

Résidence 1+2 Hors les murs #2019.




As part of the French Institute’s “Visa pour la création” plan, the 1+2 Hors les murs #3 residency, in partnership with the association “Le Capech a la cote” and the Town Hall of Castelnau d’Estrétefonds, welcomes the Malian video artist and photographer Fatoumata Tioye Coulibaly to Castelnau d’Estrétefonds. For two months, Fatoumata came to discover an unknown territory, Castelnau d’Estrétefonds located in the north of the Toulouse agglomeration in Haute-Garonne, meeting many people and actively participating in local life.

Through a final installation combining video, sound, and photographs, she experiences the intuitive gaze of a young African woman discovering a hitherto unknown space and temporality. She questions the landscape, noise, the time that goes on, colours, small trades… in order to create the tangible conditions of an intimate dialogue between this territory, with its ambivalent identity, both rural and urban and her sprawling native city, Bamako. 

FATOUMATA TIOYE COULIBALY: Born in Bamako (Malia) in 1993, Fatoumata Tioye Coulibaly is a young photographer and video maker discovered by Philippe Guionie during a workshop in homage to Malick Sidibé in 2018 at the Institut Français of Malia. Passionate about art, she took and passed the CAMM (Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers Multimédia Balla Fasseké Kouyaté) exam in the Multimedia section to dedicate herself to digital arts, photography, and filmmaking. Noticed in 2015 at the African Innovation Competition in Skirat, Morocco, with her work African Integration, she won in 2017 the Special Jury Prize at FESPACO 2017, the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou, with her first film Heritage. Her work is characterised by a great sense of narrative and its progression, a prolific imagination, a deep empathy with her subjects, a very personal aesthetic, a real precision in framing, a certain ability to render complex atmospheres. Her desire is to participate in a collective effort to make the awareness of young people through art. 

 INSTITUT FRANCAIS: “Visas pour la Création” carried out by the Institut français is part of the “Afrique et Caraïbe en créations” programme. Its aims to support emerging artists in Africa and the Caribbean through residences in mainland France and overseas territories to enable them to develop a creative or research project. This scheme is designed to artists and curators living in Africa or the Caribbean who have professional experience in the appropriate artistic field and who need a two-month residence in France to develop their creation or their career.