Every person’s life is characterized by moments of transition. These are often pivotal moments marked by critical changes from on way of being to another. These periods are fundamental, for without change there is no evolution. Adolescence is perhaps the most emblematic of these moments. A true rite of passage, this intermediate period between childhood and adulthood corresponds to a phase of essential physical and mental transformation during which the individual takes on a new identity. 

Adolescence is a time of transition when we lose our childhood to the unknown, and its memory accompanies us throughout our lives. 

Invited jointly by the association Le Capech à la Cote in Castelnau d’Estrétefonds and by the Residence 1+2, to create a photographic project on youth, the photographer Emanuela Cherchi decided to focus on this passage, this time suspended between two realities, and to actively involve the teenagers she met there. They photographed the moments experienced in their lives with disposable film cameras, drew, and testified in recorded interviews, dialogues between themselves or with the photographer. These different media will be present at the exhibition and in a mini-edition. 

At the core of this project is the desire to meet and question today’s teenagers, to get them to participate in the creative process in a concept of self-representation. The final result is a multifaced collective work that mixes the languages and points of view of teenagers who question what their image says about themselves. 

In partnership with the Drac Occitanie, the town hall of Castelnau d’Estrétefonds, the Rémy Peyranne media library, the communauté des communes du frontonnais, Loisir éducation et citoyenneté, the Ecole des Sens, the Capech à la Cote. 

EMMANUELA CHERCHI : Born in 1988 in Sassari (Sardinia), Emanuela Cherchi is a photographer. After studying information and communication sciences, she continued her studies in photography at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia of Milan (Italy). In 2014, she moved to Montpellier (France) where she studied for a master’s degree in Art History. Her thesis was about photography and intimacy. She has been founder of the Montpellier-based association Corpo Opaco, which focused on the exploration of contemporary photographic practices. On a personal level, her photographic projects reflect on the portrait and the relationship between the photographer and the photographed subject. Her latest series Nyctalopie is presented at the festival Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert and in 2019 she will exhibit Campana di Vetro at the BiFoto Festival della Fotograpfia in Mogoro, Sardania. Her series often include interactions with other creative (poets, musicians, writers or models). 

She lives and works between Montpellier and Sardinia.