with Matthieu Gafsou, Matilda Holloway & Manon Lanjouère



Résidence 2019

After Marjorie Calle with Diana Alice Lea in 2016, Clémentine Carrié with Les Jours – Cahiers photographiques in 2017 and Nestor (also known as Noé Cuéllar) with 1+2=4 in 2018, Citizen JiF was the filmmaker chosen in for the creative film of 2019 (26’). 

Citizen JiF also directed a serie of 8 videos intitled “Capsules”. 

Based on the concept of the “carte blanche”, each “capsule” illustrates the news of the Résidence 1+2, in a short (12 seconds) sounds and visual creation, to be discovered every 15 days on the progralle’s social networks. 

“Having “carte blanche” to make a 26-minutes film about the creative process of three artist photographers, in residence, collaborating with scientists, is an exciting idea! I am not a documentary filmmaker, I don’t believe in any form of objectivity from the video medium. I believe in my artistic sensitivity, I believe in human encounters, I believe in emotions and dialectics. Collapsology, heterotopias or celestial mechanics, the work of Matthieu, Matilda and Manon is as eclectic as their perceptions of the world. This film is a very personal digestion of this/ This film is about me, my ego, my fears, my anxieties, my honor, my relationship to life, to others, to the planet, to the society. I question creativity through the encounter of three artists with different approaches and backgrounds. It is an introspection open to others.

Citizen JiF


Photographer, director and performer, Citizen KiF is a self-taught artist born in Lyon. Eclectic, he is passionate about SF and Cyberpunk literature, music and politics. Initially a photographer of urban, cultures, he made his mark by capturing the overexcited atmosphere of the concert halls and squats he frequented during his tours with the bands of the independent scene at the time. After living in London, he settled in Toulouse at the end of the 90s. For the past ten years, he has been working on video and making clips and teasers for music bands, show companies and for his own projects. He is also a VJ (Video Jockey) and a live artist, and his various live formations have taken him to many festivals and all over the world. 

© Citizen JiF