A MOVIE BY NESTOR (alias Noé Cuéllar)

with SMITH, Camille Carbonaro et Prune Phi

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK : Nestor (alias Noé Cuéllar)




Résidence 2018

After Marjorie Calle with Diana Alice Lea in 2016, Clémentine Carrié with Les Jours – Cahiers photographiques in 2017, Nestor (also known as Noé Cuéllar) with 1+2=4 in 2018 was chosen for the creative film in 2018 (26’). 

For its first viode-documentary project, NESTOR’s point of view reveals the independent trajectories of each of the research projects carried out by the three artists of the Residence 1+2 through the sound and visual recording od representative objects as well as the environment leading to each convergent identity game. The actions of the photographers, captured on the spot, faithfully and sensitively convey the underside of the creative process. For a moment, we find ourselves in the environments where the three artists were inspired, where they dialogued, where they created. They share with us their questions and the anecdotes that guide their projects, whose common thread is the search for identity. Produced on the production site of each work, the documentary was composed of an original soundtrack imagined in response to peripheral sounds and chance.


Composer and photographer, he develops a musical research between multiform wind instruments (pump organ, harmonium, accordion) and modular synthesis. Conserving intentional and accidental sounds, Noé Cuellar’s approach to instrumentation is focused on the recorded and simulated flow of air, and the abstraction of electronic instruments. In collaboration with Joseph Kramer, he founded the duo Coppice in 2009, which has produced numerous albums, live performances, sound installations and films focused on the relationship of music to its objects. In Chicago, he has produced works for the Experimental Sound Studio in partnership with the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Film Archives, which have been shown at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, the Goethe Institute and the University of Chicago, as well as in numerous American venues and festivals, including the Issue Project Room (New York), West Hollywood Library Council Chambers (California), University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) and University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). He has completed numerous residences abroad, from Iceland to Australia. His music is distributed by several international labels, including Another Timbre (UK), Aposiopèse (FR), Entr’acte (BE) and Senufo Editions (IT). 

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