SET 2021

 Filigranes Editions 

AUTOR.S : Grégoire Eloy, Myriem Karim, Laure Winants

TEXTS : Fabien Ribery 

Dimensions: 6.6 x 9.8 inches Languages: French/Anglais
Price: 25,00 €
Print Run: 500 exemplaires
ISBN: 978-2-35046-549-4

#13 «Ossoue» (Grégoire Eloy)
#14 «L’empreinte des millénaires» (Myriem Karim)
#15 «Albedo» (Laure Winants)

 Extracts from the Fabien Ribery’s texts 

"A steam cloud is hiding the face of a new explorer, boldness brother among all his predecessors. We have to be there, alone, while the ice is cracking and clouds are covering the horizon. We have to endure the inside death-knell for fear, danger of loneliness on a territory which is as facsinating as hostile. The picture we got is the result of an endurance, a stubbornness, probably even from a madness. It is a challenge, an excessiveness, an inconcivable part. What is the point ? used to say Beckett. The point is only this, answer all the artist facing the unrepresentable, the absolute, the introspective abyss. There is halos, magnificents glimmers, suspended ghosts as well as celestials cristals. Taking up to human body or by satellites from above the atmosphere, photographies of the glacier show a surface where reason and markers get lost."

Grégoire Eloy

"How do we look to a territory ? What signs must we trust ? How can we read all the nature folds, its breaks, its screams ? What are the meaning of these scars ? What about those colours ? And what about those strange shapes ? How can we establish objectives criterions ? To what scale can we devote ourselves ? By choosing the Gavarnie area, opene-air geology book, as her exploration field, Myriem Karim decided to question three specialist of their discipline : a geologist, a geomorphologist and a geographer. By naming her projetc L’Empreinte des millénaires, the young artist has not only oberved minerals surfaces, but has also questionned time thickness, its depth, its telluric energy, its dynamics."

Myriem Karim

"The mountain is alive, it mooves, transforms, reinvents, adapts itself. It is a big permanent hurly-burly and usually invisible if we do not take attention to the prints and clues wich sprinkle its surface. We think it is fixed, comfortably setteled in its peaks and mountainous area, but it never stop expressing, testifing and mooving itself.

Laure Winants