SET 2023

Filigranes Editions 

AUTHORS: Almudena Romero, Téo Becher, Marion Ellena

TEXTS: Fabien Ribery, Michel Poivert

Dimensions: 6.6 x 9.8 inches
Languages: French/English
Price: 25,00€
Print: coming soon
ISBN : coming soon

#19 « The Museum of Plant Art » (Almudena Romero)
#20 « Emmêlement et autres histoires de forêts » (Téo Becher)
#21 « Tu te souviens de la couleur de ma chambre ?» (Marion Ellena

 Extracts from the Michel Poivert’s text

"Questioning how plants themselves make art - and not how they provide motifs for it - brings into play the "great divide", as anthropologists call it, between nature and culture. How do plants produce shapes, colors and scents in such harmony that art emerges? How can we make people aware that this is not simply the empirical result of nature's adaptation to reproductive or predatory functions? Plants create colors, shapes and scents. To be understood, this agentivity of plants needs to be approached from an aesthetic standpoint, the common ground shared by humans and plants. Could plants teach us their art? That's Almudena Romero's challenge: to make humans feel a language with which they are unfamiliar."

 Extracts from the Fabien Ribery’s texts 

"The series Emmêlement et autres histoires de forêts questions the notions of nature and culture, interrogating the limits, edges and interactions between these two concepts built on antagonisms that can be considered relatively false or mystifying."

"Marion Ellena's work questions the enigma of memory, and the way in which our memories are constituted, by recomposing the elements of an essentially elusive reality. By working experimentally on the very matter of the image, captured, found, altered, the Venezuelan-born artist metaphorizes the fascinating neuroplasticity of the brain."