SET 2019

Filigranes Editions

AUTORS: Matthieu Gafsou, Matilda Holloway, Manon Lanjouère

TEXTS: Fabien Ribery

Dimensions: 7. 8 x 9.8 inches
Languages: French/English
Price: 25,00 €
Print run: 500 copies
ISBN: 978-2-35046-490-9

#10  « Solastalgie » (Matthieu Gafsou)
#11 « Past Obscurity » (Matilda Holloway)
#12 « La mécanique céleste » (Manon Lanjouère)

For this fourth edition, our three photographers in residence are fully involved in a multidisciplinary dynamic exploring new creative spaces. At the crossroads of environmental sciences and humanities (Matthieu Gafsou), representational sciences and natural sciences (Matilda Holloway), and aeronautical sciences and aerodynamic propulsion (Manon Lanjouère), their protean aesthetics share a metaphorical approach with elegiac accents of our time and its contemporary dramaturgies. Each photographer offers us a lyrical poetics with multiple sounds: if Matthieu Gafsou and Matilda Holloway define the fluctuating contours of a painful complaint, Manon Lanjouère is close to the melancholy of the stars.

Extracts from the texts of Fabien Ribery 

There was a time when one could still warn of the distress of the absence of distress. Today, we are beyond that, in a time where the end meet the beginning, a time of interminable, systemic crisis, so major that it redefines all the parameters of our lives…

The strangeness of signs put in the artist’s photographic retina forms the entire heraldry of the scholars, a terra incognita for the neophytes called upon the decipher. Matilda Holloway is a wandering witness of the dens of research, seeking to create new knots, to enlarge the field of perception and thought in a set of works constructed as declosions, enlargements, possibilities of being other wise in the vetigo of poetic risk…

I see Manon Lanjouère as an open territory, an interrogative power, and a will not to close questions. Her approach is heuristic, finding by groping, and inventing herself as a tightrope walker on the horizon, in the bricolage of the composite. In the night of space, there are no more boundaries, it is a vertical dive into the void, the nothingness, the infinite amniotic...