Résidence 2022 – Marianne Thazet

Eaux vives

Marianne Thazet’s 1+2 Factory Residency, in exclusivity with ETPA and in partnership with Nature en Occitanie and the Conseil départemental de la Haute-Garonne, is coming to an end.

Marianne’s series “Eaux vives” is about the ambivalence of the “collaboration” between nature and mankind, who on the one hand destroys it, and on the other, protects it.

The fruit of this residency will be presented in the form of an exhibition during the next open days of ETPA, with a cycle of commented visits as well as a meeting-projection in the auditorium of the school in the presence of the students. 

© Marianne Thazet, La baigneuse, Résidence 1+2 Factory, 2022.

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