Created at the initiative of Philippe Guionie at the end of 2015, the 1+2 Residency is a festival of creative residencies associating photography and sciences, based in Toulouse and Occitanie, with a European vocation.

As an annual artistic program, the 1+2 Residency is built around several concurrent residency formats, including a trio of photographers (1 renowned photographer by invitation + 2 emerging photographers via a call for projects) for a two-month residency. During this time, the photographers live together and create a personal and original work. They are supported in their research by local communities, university and scientific institutions and researchers based in Toulouse and its metropolis, as well as in Occitanie. They are also accompanied by a godparent belonging to either photography or science field.

By combining photography and sciences, the 1+2 Residency produces, enhances and promotes an author photography in close connection with an exceptional scientific heritage in the region.