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Guillaume Herbaut, born in 1970, lives and works in Paris. In addition to commissions for the press, his documentary work takes him to places steeped in history where he questions the symbols and memory in order to reveal their invisible dramas: Chernobyl, Auschwitz, Nagasaki and more recently the conflict in Ukraine. His photographs have been exhibited at the Jeu de Paume, the Maison Rouge and in numerous festivals. He has received several awards, including two World Press, a Visa d’or, the Niépce prize 2011 and, in 2016, the Bayeux-Calvados prize for war correspondents, web journalism category, for his travelogue in Ukraine produced by Arte Info. The same year, he published 7/7, l’ombre des vivants at La Martinière editions. In 2018, his work is exhibited at the Grande Arche du Photojournalisme in Paris under the title “Pour Mémoire”.
Guillaume Herbaut is a member of the VU’ agency.

Guillaume Herbaut, photojournalist and member of VUagence, is the winner of the 1+2 Residency in 2022! For several months, he has been working on a new series in partnership with the Museum Toulouse in the footsteps of Eugène Trutat. Photographer, pyreneist, geologist and naturalist at the end of the 19th century, Eugène Trutat was also a precursor of scientific photography. An exceptional collection made up of thousands of photographs on glass plates on the daily life of the years 1860-1910 is the starting point of Guillaume Herbaut’s approach.

Through his photographs, he proposes an aesthetic, technical and documentary narration of animal and botanical species that have disappeared today. A restitution exhibition will take place at the Château d’Eau gallery in Toulouse in 2023.

Ramdam, a bi-monthly media that has been covering cultural news in Occitania for more than 25 years, is the media partner of Guillaume Herbaut’s residence.