Caroline Gueye


Caroline Gueye is a French Togolese-Senegalese plastic artist. She was born and grew up in Senegal, and then, she continued her studies in France, in the United States and in China. She was graduated in atmospheric physics, radiation protection and nuclear safety from Claude Bernard University, in astrophysics from Tulane University and in Chinese from Shanxi University. Caroline grew up in an artistic environment, perhaps she was influence by her grandfather, known as the African Picasso and the author of the Togo flag. Their long discussions and the drawings they made together on the walls of her rooms when as children, undoubtedly leaded her in art. Two passions motivate her, creation and physics, which she merged to the point of taking a doctorate in art and science at the University of Lyon. Today, she lives and works between France and Senegal. 

Theorical physics, physical theories and research topics are at the core of plastic artist Caroline Gueye’s creative process. She especially applies quantum mechanics, string theory, theories of everything and astrophysics to materialize these themes, which is the center of her artistic process. Her artworks start a conversation with the spectator about how theorical physics unconsciously influence his daily life. The artist forms and shapes the recyclable plastic in order to create transparent installations and sculptures. The optical reflection of light from mirrors is an important element in his artistic approach. She has created large-scale installations where the spectator – who is at the core of the works – experiences the offered concept by being at the very heart of the works.