Born in Marseille in 1989, Camille Carbonaro lives and works in Brussels. She is a photographer and a bookbinder. Moreover, she founded of publishing house Macaronibook and of the EATMYPAPER platform: self-publishing fair, micro-publishing, and animation of workshops around the book object. After a theorical training in photography at the Université Paris 8 and then in documentary image at the ESA the Septantecinq in Brussels, the question of the image-document quickly became part of her serie. Her projects center on fiction, reality, and poetry and deal with notion like identity, memory, and self-construction: photography and narrative embroider various scenarios and offer a modelling on a research about social evolution. For this, the modification and reinterpretation of images (collage, embroidery, found photography, archives…) give rhythm to Camille Carbonaro’s artistic approach. Each of her projects is a reflection on how to show images: the book-object become the core. Her research is a harmonious relation between paper and images. The documentary dimension of her photographic work combines with a plastic research through publishing. The book-object is a metaphor of memory and remembrance – an object that remains and is passed down, the central point of her work. 

The Camille Carbonaro’ serie is a visual archeology, which explores the notions of memory, genealogy and exile: a question related to the consequences of the Italian immigration and integration in France.