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Alžběta Wolfová was born in 1993 in the Czech Republic and is a graduate of the Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague.

Alžběta Wolfová has exhibited at the Czech Centre in Paris, the Palais des Beaux-Arts, as part of the ICART Artistik Rezo prize, and at the Minotaure gallery. She won a commission to create a work for the new Neuflize OBC head office. In the summer of 2023 she was part of the COAL project exhibition at the Collection Société Générale, curated by Lauranne Germond. Alongside her independent research in the photographic laboratory, she is also developing a collaborative and collective activity, curating exhibitions such as “Poltergeists” and “Contre-Espaces” at the PhotoSaintGermain festival with Alain Berland, and the Art for Ukraine charity evenings at the Czech Cultural Centre in Paris.

The question of how humans relate to animals, and how we choose to represent them, is central to the artist‘s work. According to Marjorie Bertin “Artificial mise-en-scène also raises questions about the notion of the animal-machine, which mechanises nature and transmutes the body into a complex assembly of cogs and spare parts.” Playing with light, bright colours and reflection effects, she casts a magical veil over reality. Her practice, in which colour plays a central role, is inspired by the first silver photographic techniques developed in the 19th century, which she transforms: Wolfová uses analogue filters and tricks to manipulate the image.