Almudena_Romero_portrait- © Nicolas Jenot
© Nicolas Jenot.


Almudena Romero (1986-) is a Madrid-born photographer who works both in London and Valencia. Throughout her career, her various projects have questioned notions such as identity, representation and ideology. She is interested in the way the photographic image shapes our perception of reality. In her practice, the human ceases to be at the centre of the subject and the plant becomes the heart of it.Photography then becomes a tool, an eye-opener of the creative potential of plants. They reveal new shapes, colours and textures.

In his latest project, The Pigment Change, the plant becomes the printing medium for the photographs and the leaf adds its ramifications to the image. In order to continue her exploration of the multiple possibilities offered by nature, the photographer wishes to collaborate during this residency with the INRAE and the CNRS Occitanie Ouest in Toulouse.