Born in 1993, Alice Lévêque discovered photography at an early age, which became her favourite medium, enabling her to reveal her sensibility built up during her youthful trips between Europe and Africa. In 2015, she won the Big Prize of the Ecole de Photographie et de Game Design (EPTA) in Toulouse, and as such, she is one of the emerging talents of the French photography. Sensitive to the world of fashion, adept at colour and continuous light, Alix dialogues with materials, the imbalance of the body and movement, all recurring themes in her creative process. Her series “Petite” and “C’est beau une ville la nuit” were exhibited in the ManifestO festival, Toulouse in 2015. 

In the serie “Turbulence”, Alice Lévêque offers a story of encounters, instincts and letting go where it is about approaching the unconscious and the sensory in order to extract one’s own truth without manipulation.