As part of the 1+2 Outside the walls Residency #6, realized with the support of  Estrétefonds Town Hall and in partnership with the association Le Capech à la Cote, the photographer Pauline Thollet is developing a photographic project on the body in movement. For several months, she has focused on the idea of tension and release, observing the relationship to the other that these different types of energy induce.

Pauline wishes to fix the bodies in search of the freedom generated by sport and let their appeasement radiate. She met with different sports associations in the municipality, inviting herself to MMA, rowing, pole-dance, karate, classical dance, basketball, volleyball and football classes. Finally, the footages isolates the bodies. They underline some links, a solidarity and an implicit relationship with the other, but the characters are only there to testify of their strength and the need to be in themselves.

“Edges”, are the loaded bodies that occupy the limits of the frame, that defy them, that bump into them or abandon them. They are the invisible borders that delimit these spaces, containers of strain, those that are juxtaposed with the rest of the world.  I can only imagine this world, here it does not exist. In this interval, it is the body envelope that unfolds, from which one tries to extract oneself or into which one withdraws. It is the individual body that rubs shoulders with the body of the other, confronts it, relies on it. It is the body as an impact, the muscle as a vector and the silhouette that floats and dissolves. Energies and contours are crumbly, they are no more tangible than this cleavage where the bodies, loaded to the brim, end up evaporating. Changing into waiting, becoming the suspension, the nowhere of disarticulated, evanescent bodies.

PAULINE THOLLET : Born in Perpignan in 1998, Pauline Thollet graduated from ETPA in 2019, awarded with the jury’s mention. She continues her studies with a master’s degree in cultural mediation in visual studies and is doing her final thesis on photography and mourning. Her photographic practice is centered on the place of the individual in the group, on the articulation of human relationships, in love or friendship relationships, in family dynamics. She looks for signs of “being in the world”, observes the social choreographies, these sequences of adaptations and postures that humans adopt to make a family or society. She also aspires to witness these spaces of intimacy, deployed in the private sphere. The notions of visible and invisible are also part of her artistic concerns.


She regularly participates in several art education and cultural activities, notably the 1+2 Residence in Toulouse and the Centre d’Art et de Photographie de Lectoure. Her series “Two is an odd number” is projected in the framework of the call for projects “Parlez-moi d’Amour” at the Centre Culturel Bellegarde in Toulouse in 2019, exhibited at the Promenades Photographiques de Vendôme in 2021, and presented at the 2022 edition of the Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert.  Her series “L’écorce du cœur” is selected for the Jeune photographie – Occitanie at the Maison de l’Image Documentaire in Sète in 2020. Finally, her series “Ce qu’ils nous laissent” will be published in the magazine Spectres of El-Mohán in 2022.