“The Garonne-Ariège confluence is a remarkable nature reserve both for its biodiversity and its peri-urban proximity. A rare situation which exacerbates the ambivalence of the “collaboration” between nature and human beings who on the one hand destroy it and on the other protect it.

The more I criss-cross this territory and meet the different actors of these places, the more I notice the inextricable interweaving of these elements that I was trying to untangle. Man is responsible for the destruction of these places, and man is responsible for repairing, caring for and educating them.

So I walk through these places, observing the impacts that are inflicted and the precautions that try to compensate, I observe this love-hate story that tries to have a happy ending.

Born in 1989 in the south of France, Marianne Thazet graduated from ETPA in 2019, and obtained the special mention of the jury. As soon as she left the school, the projects followed one another. She also created a photographers’ collective with two friends, the Trigone collective, with which they launched their artistic residency, opened a photography gallery and carried out all sorts of projects linked to their common passion, photography.

She has participated in several commissions, exhibitions and photographic residencies, always seeking to highlight the non-event and
the non-event and the offbeat characters.

Marianne Thazet is a photographer of the intimate. It is in the current of documentary photography that she questions our attention on our environment by a shifted glance of her own. She tells stories by suggesting, by photographing the insignificant, by sublimating the detail.

Marianne Thazet composes images with several levels of reading, she produces deep series, which bring us elements of answers but also many questions.

She lives and works in the south of France.