Alice Lévêque

Filigranes Editions

AUTOR : Alice Lévêque

Dimensions: 7,8 x 9.8 inches 
Languages: French/English 
Price: 25.00€ 
Print run: 500 copies 
ISBN: 978-2-35046-406-6 

In the series “Turbulence”, Alice Lévêque proposes a story of encounters, instincts and letting go where it is a question of rubbing shoulders with the unconscious and the sensory in order to extract one’s own truth without manipulation. 

From the light to the darkness of the night, "Turbulence" invests a state, a sensation, which rises up through the belly to be spat out, exteriorized. During the day, I walk, without itineraries, letting myself be caught up in the scenery of this singular city. When the attraction is created, I stop and take the time to see, to understand why. I'm not interested in the full space; what stings me comes from a detail. I then focus on a curious hint of colour, the material of a wall, the foliage of a tree... I photograph what attracts me with my snapshot. The vaporous state of my mind freezes on these films that struggle to reveal everything themselves. I like this moment of latency, of waiting: it works, it doesn't work. I resume my journey, a dance that stops and then starts again as I meet these places that seduce me. At night I return on my tracks, accompanied by a young bird seen at the bend of a street, our meeting having continued at the terrace of a Toulouse café. A few days later we meet again. It all starts when the sleeping space awakens again; re-lit, it reveals just what is needed. We talk for a few minutes, before starting this common dance with a trance-like atmosphere. The bird dressed in its costume timidly appears. The first gesticulations, still puny, show the bird unfurling and gradually transforming itself. We are now there, it is uncontrollable, whirling. Nothing stops it any more, its behaviour is unpredictable. It lets itself be guided by the weight of the fluids that circulate and causes it to undulate while forgetting its image and the one that will be frozen inside my camera. Turbulence is a story of encounters, instincts and letting go. It's about meeting the unconscious, the sensory, in order to extract its own truth without manipulation.