Myriem Karim

Filigranes Editions 

AUTOR: Myriem Karim

TEXTS: Fabien Ribéry 

Dimensions: 6.6 x 9.8 inches 
Languages: French/Anglais
Price: 25,00 €
Print Run: 500 exemplaires
ISBN: 978-2-35046-549-4

How do mountains (de)shape themselves ? How old are the rocks ? How can we be part of the landscape and experience cartography ? Following the steps of Franz Schrader (1844-1924), inventer of the « orographe » in 1873 : a tool invented to draw moutainous areas, in pyreneans crircus of Gavarnie, Troumouse, Estaubé, L’Empreinte des millénaires, explore the links between topographical knowledge of a territory and perception of a space offered thanks to photography. In the light of Earth sciences, I look into the issue of landscape’s evolution of these olds ice valleys by probing our way to be-to-the-world. What do we decide to inheritate from a place ? Which possibles stories are told and what potentiels futurs are playing in there ?

"How do we look to a territory ? What signs must we trust ? How can we read all the nature folds, its breaks, its screams ? What are the meaning of these scars ? What about those colours ? And what about those strange shapes ? How can we establish objectives criterions ? To what scale can we devote ourselves ? By choosing the Gavarnie area, opene-air geology book, as her exploration field, Myriem Karim decided to question three specialist of their discipline : a geologist, a geomorphologist and a geographer. By naming her projetc L’Empreinte des millénaires, the young artist has not only oberved minerals surfaces, but has also questionned time thickness, its depth, its telluric energy, its dynamics."