SET 2016

Filigranes Editions

AUTOR.S : Diana Lui, Alice Lévêque, Lea Patrix

Dimensions: 7,8 x 9.8 inches Languages: French/English Price: 25.00€ Print run: 500 copies ISBN: 978-2-35046-406-6 

#1 «Les étoiles de Diana» (Diana Lui)
#2 «Turbulence» (Alice Lévêque)
#3 «Léa + Lena» (Lea Patrix)

The first residency of the three winning photographers Diana Lui (Malaysia), Alice Lévêque (France), Lea Patrix (Belgium) takes place in January/February 2016 in Toulouse. Based on the principle of a collection, three separate works in a single bow present the work of each resident. The question of uprooting is at the centre of Diana Lui’s artistic creation. 

At the invitation of the Résidence 1+2 in Toulouse, she carried out her first photographic residency in France, revisiting, with and authorial and poetic eye, several of Toulouse’s heritages: human, architectural and above all scientific. In the series “Turbulence”, Alice Lévêque proposes a story of encounters, instincts and letting go where it is a question of rubbing shoulders with unconscious and the sensory in order to extract one’s own truth without manipulation. As for Lea Patrix, she takes a sensitive, dreamy and demanding look at being 20 years old through her founding encounter with Léna, a student and model, who has become the main character of her residency and of her recurring questioning of freedom.