©NASA/METI/AIST/ Japan Spacesystems, 2019.

Exposition | Découvrez ASTER par Étienne Berthier et Grégoire Eloy !

Photo credit : ©NASA/METI/AIST/ Japan Spacesystems, 2019.

Discover our new exhibition!

A team of glaciologists from the Midi-Pyrénées Observatory (CNRS/ UPS/CNES/IRD) studied 1 million images taken by the Terra observation satellite, using an ASTER camera that provides high-resolution images. These images enabled Romain Hugonnet (PhD student at Toulouse III University), Etienne Berthier (researcher at the CNRS) and their collaborators to conduct a study on all the glaciers of the planet, over a period from 2000 to 2019.

In 2021, Grégoire Eloy, photographer in residence in Toulouse, teamed up with this team of scientists to select certain images from the ASTER database. His work will result in three publications by 2024 (RVB Books).

The exhibition presented at the Matabiau station from November 16 to December 16 presents the first opus, which includes a selection of 250 images representative of the Arctic, Antarctic and high mountain areas. Their mystery beauty must not mislead us. They tell the story of the global extinction of glaciers on the earth’s surface, resulting in a worrying rise in the sea level.

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