Photo credit : © Julien Magre, Courtesy galerie Le Réverbère, Lyon.

Julien Magre – Prix Niépce 2022 – Gens d'images

The prestigious PRIX NIÉPCE 2022 GENS D’IMAGES (created in 1955) has been won, on Monday June 13th, by Julien Magre. His application was sponsored by Philippe Guionie (our director). The evening, organised by the Association Gens d’images, took place in the Salon d’honneur of the  BnF – Bibliothèque nationale de France Site Richelieu, in Paris.

CONGRATULATIONS Dear Julien and thank you for sharing this great joy with us ! 

« Photography is also a matter of obsessions and solitudes. For several decades, with constancy and humility, Julien has photographed his family, in family, with its permanencies, its joys, its fractures, its dazzling nature and its silences. [...] The strength of his images lies in the sobriety of the forms. The distance to the subject is short, a few metres, a few dozen metres at most. He has the talent of those who know how to set the scene and embody simple things to make them universal: a gesture, a hand, a face, a look, a landscape, an object, a concordance of times ».

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