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Grégoire Eloy - Prix Niépce 2021 - Gens d'images

The prestigious PRIX NIÉPCE 2021 GENS D’IMAGES (created in 1955) has been won, on Thursday June 10th, by Grégoire Eloy (renowned photographer of our 2021 programme). His application was sponsored by Philippe Guionie (our director). The evening, organised by the  Association Gens d’images, took place in the Salon d’honneur of the BnF – Bibliothèque nationale de France Site Richelieu, in Paris.

CONGRATULATIONS dear Grégoire and thank you for sharing this great joy with us! 

"There are photographers who have an appointment with their time, Grégoire Eloy is one of them. He is not one of those who are in the limelight, preaching a spectacular and vampiric photography. [...] Grégoire's photography is not revealed by a simple distracted glance, it is earned. [...] His photography carries an accuracy that fills us. He does not take anything, he adds. He asks open questions and we listen. He proposes a "new world" to be built and we wish to participate with him."

Philippe Guionie, May 2021 (Extract from the letter for the candidacy of Grégoire Eloy).
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