Located in a submersible plain south of Toulouse, the wet area at the confluence of the Garonne and of the Ariège rivers is a fragile environment under the natural phenomenon of floods. Even though they are necessary for the existing ecosystems to work well, many factors linked to human activity are leading to increase material and human damages with increasingly violent phenomena. 

In keeping with preceding works, with his project Confluence, Adrien Basse-Cathalinat offers with a poetic vision of these fragile spaces and questions relationship between Humans and Nature. The way human beings dominate and stive to master natural phenomena causing disruptions, scientists have only recently understood. Through plastic research and the association of graphic data with his silver photographs, he is introducing the transition from a fundamental study to a real confrontation with current ecological issues. Art as wells as Science forge ties between Humans and their environment, and new corpus bears witness to a fragile balance to be preserved.