Anaïs Ondet is the winner of the Résidence Hors les murs #7 at Castelnau d’Estrétefonds.

“In Castelnau d’Éstrétefonds, I went to meet the people who take care of the land, plants and animals. The earth, plants and animals. I set out to rediscover this hidden rurality between the new housing estates and the industrial districts. It was a beautiful sight, like an oasis in the middle of a changing city. It’s all about human encounters, exchanges with passionate people. Without holding back, they took me by the hand and opened the doors of their world to me. What touched me most was their love and gentleness for plants and animals. I became attached to their gestures, to the poetics of the hand at work of the hand at work, in contact with the earth. I looked for grace in those places where you have feet in the mud. Without wishing to give a romantic vision of rural life, I focused my lens my lens on the signifiers and sides”.

Born in Toulouse in 1997, Anaïs Ondet graduated from ETPA in 2018 (Special Jury Prize). She lives and works in Toulouse. Her personal work focuses on the environment and the relationship between image and memory. Through her series, she explores notions of loss and memory. Her multi-faceted approach gives rise to bodies of work with eclectic forms: plastic installations, documentary portraits, etc. More recently, she has focused her work on ecological issues, asserting a militant outlook associated with her artistic practice. Her latest work, “Sans soleil”, evokes solastalgia among young people through a dark, nebulous cinematic universe. Her work has been exhibited in France and abroad at festivals and institutions such as Les Photaumnales (Beauvais), Zoom Photo en Couserans (Ariège) and the Alliance Française de Malaga (Spain).

A 2018 graduate of ETPA in Toulouse, her personal work focuses on the environment and the and the image-memory relationship. Through her series, she explores notions of loss and memory. More recently, she has been focusing on ecological issues, asserting an activist outlook associated with her artistic practice.

EXHIBITION: Poetics of the Earth from September 23 to October 20, 2023.

OPENING: Saturday September 23 at 6pm, in the presence of the photographer.

For information on the exhibition and guided tours, please contact the Médiathèque Rémy Peyranne.

Opening hours:
Tuesday and Friday, 3pm to 6pm
Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 6pm