Léa Patrix

Filigranes Editions

AUTOR: Léa Patrix 

Dimensions: 7,8 x 9.8 inches 
Languages: French/English 
Price: 25.00€ 
Print run: 500 copies 
ISBN: 978-2-35046-406-6 

Asserting the fact she is 20, Léa Patrix takes a sensitive, dreamy (and demanding) look through her founding encounter with Léna, a student and model, becoming her main object of her residency and her recurring questioning about freedom. 

I experienced it as one of those books that you love so much and choose to reread when you have nothing left. The fear of starting to read and the sadness of reading the last words. Lena, my main character, her life, but also mine. The story of the month I was able to shake up her habits and those of her roommates. It's always difficult to truly represent a person's life in such a short time. You have to understand the meeting, the adaptation time and then finally the bonding, the ties that are created. I didn't have time to be afraid. We got on well straight away, it was spontaneous. I had the impression of being fully accepted for who I am, of being in harmony with my environment. I had the impression that I had already experienced a lot of little traits. It was as if we had the same way of reacting to life, the bubbly Lena as the grey Lena. All these links allowed me to be transparent, to erase the device I was wearing around my neck all the time. And all these steps constitute the famous +. The mixture between his life and my presence. We liked to talk about nothing, to have funny discussions with no head or tail, just as we liked to say nothing at all. And it was those moments of unashamed silence that spoke for themselves. We are very different but also very similar, as if we had the same operation. The same instructions. I had no trouble understanding when something was bothering her and it was time to shut up, to take care of my side. A multi-faceted personality that can give off both light and shade. Lena has a sweet face, with features so delicate that they look like they were drawn in watercolours. And above all a reassuring, natural laugh.